In this action packed 2D platformer you take the role of Chef Tomsay, a famous Italian pizza chef who has ran out of tomato sauce. To solve the problem, you have to travel deep in to your restaurant's backyard to collect as many tomatoes as you can for tonight's pizza service. 

Key features

  • Run, duck & jump with pretty tight controls.
  • Beat enemies in to submission with your pizza peel. (it's the long stick you use to pick up a pizza from a big stone oven)
  • 3 action packed levels that wont leave you bored since there's only 3 of them and they're over pretty quick!
  • Hundreds of collectable tomatoes for you to pick up!


Use Arrow keys to move,

Z to Jump,

X to bash.

Or use a controller!


Tomato Sauce v1 18 MB

Development log


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I hope your still working on this game. Its a fun game and I love to see more. 

Thank you for your kind words! Unfortunately, I'm working on other projects now :(


He ain't no plumber, but this game is very fun! Was able to beat it my first play through but its a good one to try and beat your best score and if you're in the mood for a fun little game to take your mind of stuff this is awesome! Good job!

The animation and sprites are very well done, the story is cute, and the gameplay is very enjoyable!

I'm glad you took the time to write a comment. :)

I tried to design the game to be a challenge for the casual platformer gamer, so that's why veteran platformer players shouldn't have  many problems going through all of it.

Thanks for playing!


Died too many times but I also got the tomat so.... :)


Ooh my game's first lets play! Thank you so much for playing!

Pizza was at stake, I couldn't wait. ;)