Hello comrade!

Your job awaits at an Soviet era nuclear power plant. Make sure you keep the unstable power plant from melting until your shift is over by putting your comrades to work!


  • [Left click] to Select comrade, [right click] to deselect.
  • With a comrade selected click on a station to send him to work.

How to win

  • Keep the core temperature under 3000 Celsius until your shift is over to win.

Made by Mopeful Games for Ludum Dare 49


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Fashion Police Squad on Steam

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Thanks a lot

Install instructions

Play the webGL version first! If it lags a lot try the windows build.


Everything's Fine - LD 49 PC.zip 33 MB


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Comrade is overworking himsel

Everything's Fine, comrade. We got it


You know, I'm starting to think everything may not be super fine.


So I checked the game out and it's really fun, I like the visuals and i think for a short game it was pretty enjoyable. Not too difficult, still fun. I'm actually looking forward to your fashion police game as well, it looks amazing!


Thank you, really appreciate it!

No problem! I really cant wait for fashion police though lol